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When I decided my college degree had nothing to do with who I really was, I pondered what it was that I did in my free time; that would be a perfect career. I had always made things, asked too many questions, read voraciously, designed houses and clothing, and found arts/crafts an unending source of fascination. I earned a BFA in Interior Architectural Design and spent the next fifteen years working for several prominent design firms in San Francisco. Then, in 1997, I married a widower with two small children, and moved to the Land of Pork and Corn, better known as Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I changed my focus to doing whatever I could from my home so that my new family would have a warm haven with a real mom. Many weird and silly stories will be told as I design my Gallery and Portfolio pages. Life is good.

My Approach



My approach is to envision an object both forwards and backwards - where it came from what it looked like, what it meant - then to bring all that into the present with adaptive re-use.

What Goes On Over Here?



With a blend of a design background, a love of textiles and history, years of experience, and good old-fashioned curiosity, LoeLoe's Loft is dedicated to making memories beautiful and useful again. I also design and create custom clothing, Teddy Bears, and other art.

It's time to bring those artifacts out of the closet and share them. Make the world just that bit more beautiful and special in your own corner of it.

About Us (FAQ)

What’s your return policy?

This is not an online store, though there will be things for sale now and then. I will accept a return and refund your purchase cost within two weeks of your receiving an item. If you need to initiate a return, please contact me first and I will arrange for shipping.

Do you ship overseas and to P.O. boxes?

Yes, I’ll ship your package anywhere that can accept deliveries. You will be responsible for all costs, taxes and tariffs, as well as for the postage.

Do you have customer service?

Well, that would be me. You can call or write, and please remember I live in the Central Time zone. If I don't answer the phone between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, leave a message for me..

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